Exploring New York State

New York’s cities are fascinating and varied. But they are, of course, dominated by America’s largest city, New York City. New York City’s five boroughs namely Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island have so many places to go and things to see that you will understand why they call it the city that never sleeps.download (8)

Otherwise known as the Big Apple, this city is home to famous places as the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations, Central Park and Coney Island. As the world capital of culture, it also features the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the American Museum of Natural History and much, much more.

A walk around Manhattan will reveal why this city is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and other big department stores headquartered here made this quite possibly the best place to shop in the world. Harlem, Times Square, Greenwich Village, Long Island and this city has something for every taste.

In upstate New York on Lake Hudson is the capital Albany. This city is very quiet compared to its gigantic brother in the south. Its French chateau style capitol is located on renovated Empire State Plaza. This Plaza also hosts the state’s museum and library. Other cities of notable importance in New York State are Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse and Utica. A drive around the state of New York will reveal beautiful parks and stunning sites.

New York State and Canada share one of the most famous spectacles in North America. Breathtaking Niagara Falls, the classic place for an American honeymoon, is the second largest falls in the world and truly wonderful. The middle of the falls is split by Goat Island, which divides the American from the Canadian Falls.