New York for Adventure Lovers

Manhattan Island is synonymous with New York City and is the location of the world’s ‘first’ skyscraper, the Empire State Building. The view from the observation deck, 102 storeys up, is spectacular and well worth queuing up for. Other Manhattan attractions include Times Square, the renowned Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. For a break from a long and busy day, head for beautiful Central Park, conveniently located in the middle of the

Take a ferry ride out to the Statue of Liberty and climb the 354 steps to experience the incredible panoramic view of the New York. Back in the city, shoppers can indulge in the fashionable stores and boutiques of 5th Avenue and the SoHo District. The trendy suburb of Greenwich Village is very popular and dates back to the ‘hippie’ era, while the working class atmosphere of Brooklyn provides interesting insights into New York’s multifaceted character.

Recharge yourself with a refreshing trip to the nearby Long Island. Relax on the beach at Jones Beach or Fire Island. Mix it with celebrities at the exclusive Hamptons on the island’s east side or, alternatively, explore the tranquil Wine District with its vineyards and old-fashioned villages, particularly the 17th century town of Orient.

Just north of the city, the Hudson Valley is a charming area of scenic towns and countryside, especially in the autumn. Nature lovers can take refuge in the Bear Mountain State Park and enjoy hiking, fishing, skiing and ice-skating. South of the city, the Jersey Shore, Belmar, Spring Lake and Bay Head all offer pleasant getaways.

John F. Kennedy Airport is one of three nearby airports and serves most international flights arriving in the New York vicinity. La Guardia Airport and Newark Airport are mainly serviced by local connections and domestic carriers. All three airports have a variety of frequent and reliable transport options into the city.