Should You Go to NYC or UK This Summer? What a decision!

People simply love travelling, but sometimes, it’s hard to make the right decision and choose the destination which satisfies all your requirements. That’s why we’re here. We won’t try to talk you into visiting a particular destination, but we will offer you several facts and details that might help you decide if you have second thoughts. This time, we will find out where summers are hotter, the UK or NYC. No, we are not talking about degrees and weather forecast, but places, festivals, events and concerts that will heat up even the coldest days.

shutterstock_274645589NYC or UK?

We believe that it won’t be that difficult to talk you into visiting both NYC and the UK, because there are several good reasons why both of them should be on your list of places to visit at least once in a lifetime. Both, NYC and the UK have their charm while remaining very different, both offering exciting options to entertain you. If you are a passionate traveller, you don’t even have to make a choice because you can visit both. When in the UK there are so many things to do, places to go, check out and see what attracts you.

Is the UK Summer Hotter Than NYC Summer?

We know that summers in the UK can be as hot as summers in NYC. Remember, not talking temperature here. Every summer, the UK has a lot to offer, including a significant number of festivals and extravagant events to suit every taste. Try out an open air live opera performances, beer festivals, and of course all the markets, and historic towns. When it comes to NYC, no warm up activities needed, Summers in NYC are always steaming hot, just turn around and you’ll find something that fits your taste. Festivals, concerts, and sporting events are just the tip of the iceberg; NYC is never dull.